“My blood” at “Kuvan Kevät” exhibition.

"My blood" at Academy of Fine Arts MFA Exhibition 2015
Exhibition open until 31.5.2015 at three different locations, Helsinki Finland. You can find my new piece at “Lisätila, Merimiehenkatu 36 B 3rd floor”

“KUVAN KEVÄT” MFA Exhibition (University of the Arts – Academy of Fine Arts)

43 artists show their art works in three different locations Helsinki Finland. This is the Final Work for many. In my case two final exhibitions are already behind me. My Galerie Forsblom exhibition ended less than eight weeks ago. After each exhibition everything breaks down (to a new starting point). For this Spring exhibition I wanted to show a beginning of something new.

Since the middle ages artists have stared at black mirrors to see the world differently. In this red mirror you will in addition see the matter that we are all made of. I heard a random spectator describe the work: it fails in composition as there is nothing in the middle. Indeed if you don’t see your self in the mirror/reflection there is nothing in the middle.

I find my self again searching for the presence, but in a different way. There is blood and special medium between two 200 x 150cm acrylic sheets.  Still “my” “blood” in “My blood” refer to something beyond the medium.


Merimiehenkatu 36 C (1. kerros)
Ti–su 11–18


Merimiehenkatu 36 B (3. kerros)
Ti–su 11–18


Lönnrotinkatu 35
00180 Helsinki
Ti–su 11–18


Juttua Hesarissa / Helsingin Sanomat writes about Kuvan Kevät and the “six artists to be followed”:


HS 6.5.2015 photo: OUTI PYHÄRANTA