Jos liikut New Yorkissa käy katsomassa teokseni Jeffrey Leder Galleryssä, MoMA PS1:n ja Sculpture Centerin välissä. Se on se punertava talo vasemmalla, jos tulee Manhattanilta.

“Small work allows the experience of getting up close and personal with  the artwork. The size of the artwork forces one to go in and really  look. “Smaller beckons: get close, touch, relate – they inspire a  reduction of the psychic distance between one thing and another; between  people and things” – from the book and philosophy: “Wabi Sabi”

The participating jurors have selected a group of American and International artists. The exhibit will occupy 2 floors of the gallery.”

“Small Works NYC” The Jeffrey Leder Gallery, 2137 45th Road, Long Island City from September 23 until October 20, 2012.